Service since 1984

The story of Icard Maritime began in 1984, when Jean-Michel Icard started transporting food and supplies between Marseille and the Frioul islands with his boat the Lou Gabian. This is how the “little company” was born. A few months later, a second boat, the Vaillant, joined the adventure to help transport materials for the restoration of the Château d’If, the 16th-century island-fortress off the coast of Marseille.

Icard Maritime kept expanding its services, and today it features a fleet of five vessels. This “little” company is now a major part of the Marseille maritime transport landscape, and it has become a significant contributor to the metro area’s economic and touristic development.

Jean-Michel Icard, fondateur d'Icard Maritime
Jean-Michel Icard, fondateur d'Icard Maritime

Passionate & professional

Divers, sailors, and lovers of the sea and the Calanques cliffs, Icard Maritime has a team of passionate and dedicated people who want to share their deep attachment to the Marseille area’s cultural heritage and natural treasures. Icard Maritime also works with a trusted network of professionals to provide a complete range of services, including catering, events, and sporting activities.

Esprit Parc National

In 2012, Icard Maritime introduced the first boat with hybrid diesel-electric propulsion in France. Since then, it has been used for environmentally friendly tours of the Calanques National Park that are free of noise pollution or unpleasant-smelling emissions. The Hélios is the only electric boat in service that has accreditation to navigate the waters of the Calanques, and its tour route has been certified as part of the French programme Esprit Parc National.